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Forest Dweller
Hardwired To Thrive
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I ponder. I inovate. I'm an independent, creative thinker who works with historical and traditional techniques that often deviate from traditional form. Each basket, sculpture or wall piece is uniquely expressed through colour, texture, materials, techniques and form.

I enjoy thinking outside the basket to combine materials and techniques in new and innovative ways... creating Sculptural Forms, and Wall Pieces, as well as Baskets. Choosing my materials and colours, I intuitively work without any fixed idea of the finished outcome. Part of the joy of creating is letting go then allowing the process to lead me. This is true of all my work, whether it is an organic free form piece, or symmetrical and patterned

In 2005, I began weaving baskets and proceeded to take several courses from a number of gifted basket makers, using a variety of materials and techniques. In 2006, I met a woman from the fair trade organization 'Gone Rural' who extended an invitation to come to Swaziland to learn from traditional weavers. In 2007 I spent several days in a remote village learning the traditional method of wrapping and stitching dyed grass over a core of straw, using needles made from broken umbrella parts. Since that time, contemporary coiling has become one of my main basketry techniques. I uses 4ply waxed linen threads to wrap and stitch over a continuous core of fiber rush. The piece is shaped and patterns laid in as I works my way up the form. These fairly small works are a labor of love that take long hours over weeks, or months to create.

I have been fortunate to have been taught by several gifted people, as I continue my basketry journey. Other forms of my basketry include rib construction, random woven and twining techniques for which I uses a variety of materials. These include materials harvested respectfully and sustainably from the woods and waters of Salt Spring Island, imported materials, as well as recycled and found objects. I works intuitively, choosing materials and colour without a fixed idea of the finished outcome. I am  often surprised to find where the creative process takes me when I  just allows it to lead the way. I like to explore “outside the basket” to create unusual forms, wall pieces and sculpture. My ability to adapt historically proven materials and methods while presenting my contemporary basketry vision results in a truly original and distinctive creation.  
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Currently showing at Shibui Gallery, 1100 Genoa Bay Rd, Maple Bay, British Columbia, Canada

2016 - Ladysmith FIne Art Show - February 6 - 27

2015 - Shibui Gallery - Under 300 Show - December

2015 - Shibui Gallery - Textile & Fibre Arts Show - October

2015 -  Sooke FIne Art Show - July-August

2015 - Shibui Gallery Opening - June 

2015 - Symbolically 8 - April 

2014-- Emergence Exhibition Gallery 8 - Joint show May 16 - June 10th
2013-- Sooke Fine Arts Show July 26th – August 5th 
2013-- Symbolically 8 Spring exhibition at Gallery 8 
2012 – Small work Exhibition Gallery 8 November- December
2012– Small Expressions Saanich Peninsula Arts Counsel 
2012-- Symbolically 8 Spring Exhibition at Gallery 8
2011 – New 8 Exhibition Gallery 8 - Group show March 18th-April10th 

2011--The Deep Cove Spinners & Hand Weaver's Guild Presentation- October
2011-- Cowichan Valley Fine Arts Show - Group show April 6th- 10th 
2011-- Small Work Exhibition @ Gallery 8 – Group Show Nov. 
2010--Branching Out, Salt Spring Coffee Co. Solo Show Sept. 
2010-- Gallery 8 approached Heather to their Join Gallery Artists for ongoing exhibition July. From 2010 - 2015 Gallery 8 represented Heather Marin-McNab’s exquisite basketry with pleasure and pride


2016-- Teaching at Contemporary Threads Conspiracy, on Denman Island, BC

2014-- November/December Salt Spring Arts Academy 6 week workshop, Woven Wall Pieces, for children
2013/2014-- Mentorship Program, Gr. 12 student G.I.S.S
2013-- Artist In The Classroom program for children and youth: cedar bark basketry and random woven 
2011/2012/2014-- Taught adult Ribbed Basketry course
2011-- Taught Twining and Plaiting for Wall Piece 
2010-- Taught Coiling and Patterning 

2008-- Taught rib basketry to a group of non English-speaking hat weavers in Lesotho Africa