Rib Construction 

I use locally gathered wild honeysuckle vines in much of my rib construction work. Vines can be gathered at any time of the year, but I prefer to gather in the early spring, when the sap is running, for easy peeling of the vines. Rib construction baskets are strong and functional yet with a uniquely beautiful play between vine and design. 

With The Flow
18" high x 25" long x 20" accros
With The Flow
A view of the other side
Spiral Dance
approx.18" x 43"
Emergence 1
27" high x 17" wide x 15" deep
Emergence 1
Side detail
Gathering Baskets
Wild honeysuckle vines gathered sustainably in the local forests of Salt Spring Island. Peeled in the spring when the sap is running.
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Random Woven Construction

Random Woven, twining and  plaiting are some of the techniques commonly found in my work. I use a wide variety of materials including those I gather from the woods and waters of my Salt Spring Island home. All of these materials are harvested respectfully and sustainably, taking what I need and leaving most of the plants to continue to thrive. I do my own processing, drying and dying of materials. I also use found objects, recycled and imported materials.  

The Dinner Party
8 1/2" high x 54" circumference.
20" high x 87" circumference

All locally gathered materials (cedar bark, birch bark, honeysuckle vines, tule rushes, bull rush leaf) except for the reed frame work.
Organized Chaos
14" high x 61" circumference.
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